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  • Buffalo Wings

    When I was younger, I had a job making pizza and wings.
    Here's how it's supposed to be done:

    Deep fry the uncooked chicken wings (til slightly crispy). If I remember, it takes about 15 minutes.
    In a bowl, melt some butter and add just a bit of Frank's Hot Sauce (usually just a couple of drops, but more if you prefer "HOT").
    Toss wings around in the bowl, to lightly coat.
    Last edited by Vikki; 05-23-2002, 05:05 AM.

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    deep fried AND rolled in melted butter... evil


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      I like evil!



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        Thanks Vikki for sharing the way real Buffalo wings should be made!

        In the mid 70's my parents started a restaurant as a side business that featured sub's and wings. We had originally been from Buffalo and longed for 2 of our favorite cuisines. At that time, no one had hardly ever heard of wings in the Chicago area. Needless to say they became an instant hit.

        I now see them served in so many different ways at such a variety of places. Sorry folks, Buffalo wings do not have barbeque sauce, they are not baked or breaded, or dipped in honey mustard! I keep waiting to see Sushi Buffalo wings at some chinese restaurant next. They are made just like Vikki said, and dipped in blue cheese dressing with celery sticks!

        Gee, can you tell you hit a nerve here Vikki?

        Now if only someone would learn how to make a good submarine sandwich around us. (Subway and Quiznos don't come close)

        OK, it's 6:15 in the morning and now I have a craving for some wings... gotta go - Carl


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          thanks for the recipe Vikki!
          sounds delicious, and easy to make. thats my kind of food!!



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            in case "franks hot sauce" isn't available
            try melting a half stick of butter slowly .... put in a couple of tablespoons of tabasco..... and maybe a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce...
            and if you have the bucks... buy some real blue cheese to crumble into the sauce...
            us lowlife like to dip the seasoned wings as well as the celery into the blue cheese sauce


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              cendres- "Buffalo Wings" hit's a nerve with a lot of people. I wonder if some people actually think they're made from Buffalo meat?
              Everyone I know, that's moved out of the area, can't find a place to get subs or wings like they make'm here. Which is crazy, as the recipe couldn't be more simple!

              d_kendal - it's a great snack, but if you're like the guys around here, don't make just a couple. You'll probably want to cook up at least half a dozen to twenty.

              rondon- Blue cheese dressing on the side, for dipping, is the way it's served here, but I don't care for blue cheese (that's why it wasn't part of my recipe).


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                Originally posted by Vikki
                I wonder if some people actually think they're made from Buffalo meat?
                Well, they must be from buffalos. I've never seen a buffalo yet that still had it's wings!



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