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Bread and Butter pickles

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  • Bread and Butter pickles

    it's cucumber season here... just made these for the 2nd year... I like them... tried different kinds of pickles last year... some were real wild ( the mustard pickles for instance)
    but these went fast ... so sticking to just these..
    hope someone likes them.


    6 lg. ONIONS white if you have them
    1 grated or chopped fine large green pepper
    1 chopped red pepper is nice too but too high here right now
    1 C. PLAIN SALT ( has to be non iodized as the other will turn the veggies dark )
    cover with cold water
    LET SET OVER NITE in fridge AND DRAIN GOOD ( I rinse once )

    mix together
    6 C SUGAR 3 white 3 light brown
    1 1/2 QTS. cider VINEGAR
    1 1/2 tablespoons MUSTARD SEED
    1 tbl. tumeric
    15-20 whole cloves

    stir this as you bring it to a boil in a large pot...
    add the drained veggies (see below if there are too many veg.)and bring back to just a boil and remove from heat.

    quickly pack the pickles snuggly in the hot (sterilized) jars and fill to just below the top
    with the hot liquid and seal

    I wasn't able to get all my vegtables covered with the liquid ... when it was time to heat them....
    but once the 1st batch was in the jars I had plenty of liquid left to repeat that step.
    a little milder is all.

    pickles will be good even when finished.... but will get better with time
    Last edited by rondon; 05-29-2002, 09:39 PM.

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    looks like a great recipe Ron! my aunt used to make all kinds of pickles for our big family dinners, but I never got a recipe. I'll have to try out this one

    - David


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      That looks good Ron. My wife used to make them, but she hasn't made any for several years. Now you've got my mouth watering.



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        Yup, must be a family tradition because I remember Mom making them too. Ron, you're bringing back a peice of historical tradition here. Good one.


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          well glad you all had folks that made them for you too,,

          I edited that post as I had forgotten to put down cover with water before leaving overnite..



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