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Potato or Sweet Potato Gnocci

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  • Potato or Sweet Potato Gnocci

    Gnocci (pronounced nyo-kee)
    Is a potato pasta which is easier to make than to buy.
    Boil up 4 or 5 med potatos or yams/sweet potatos.
    Drain well and mash with butter.
    Mix in salted (1tsp) flour up to 3 cups until it feels like a bread dough. Keep it on the wet side, it makes lighter pasta.
    Roll out into a 1/2" ribon. Flour the outside of the ribbon, to keep dough on the wet side.
    Cut into 3/4" segments. Press segments with thumb against the back of a fork to give them the rippled finish of gnocci. It takes a minutes practice, but is quite easy.
    Put finished gnocci on paperplates with corn meal or flour. Don't over pack on plates.
    Stiffen in freezer until ready to cook.
    Cook in boiling water until they rise to the surface.

    Try adding Nutmeg to Sweet Potato. Try cooking your white potatos in beet juice for red pasta or spinach juice for green pasta. Make Tri-Colored.

    Serve in red sauce for White Potato or Alfredo Sauce for Sweet Potato version.
    Will Feed 4 with proper wine & salad.

    Simple Alfredo Sauce:
    Simmer 2 cups broth (I like Red Miso) Chicken is fine. 1-12 oz. can evaporated milk, Sprinkle in 2-3 Cups grated cheese. (I like pepper jack & Parm.) Allow to stiffen.

    Gerry M

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    Do you think this recipe would work in the Pasta machine? I have the gnocci blade but never knew what to do with them. Sounds delicious Gerry.


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      I am sure it would work but a bowl works best

      DJ, Yeah, I am sure it might work but it really doesn't take all that much mixing to get it right with a bowl. Gerry


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        The mixing wasn't the problem. It was the shaping of it I thought would be easier to deal with using the machine. (Not to mention it justifies buying the darn thing)
        I will have to give it a try and see what it's like. I've never eaten gnocci so I had no idea what you do with it once you make it.


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          Hungarian veresion of "gnocci"

          Hi Gerry,

          I was at a family dinner last evening and my son asked me why I never make those potato noodles that he likes so got me thinking that I would have to try and find the recipe (although it's so simple even I should be able to remember it LOL)

          In our version, we drop the cooked noodles into a pan with some browned breadcrumbs (browned in butter with some sugar added) then served with tart plum jam.

          Our family ate this as a main course and I remember as a child that it was one of my favorite meals.

          thanks for the recipe and for making it easy for me to remember how to make them,



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            Pasta Machine

            Now you have me wanting a pasta machine. That would save time, but it is such a fun social activity to sit around together rolling them out on forks the way the mamas do it.

            Margaret- thanks for those ideas, I think I'm making it tonight Gerry