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make any steak tender

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  • make any steak tender

    i tried this last week and i have to say it does a good job, i should've given it more time as it was a thick steak but overall it made the steak quite tender...bone appetit

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    Re: make any steak tender

    that was a pretty cool link...i like to cook, and i like to eat...especially can find me out in the yard grilling a steak in january!


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      Re: make any steak tender

      we're the same way.....we love the taste of grilled food, especially when charcoal is involved.....i was going to try one of those Infrared grills this summer but i was out of work for a few months, but things look good for a holiday purchase...


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        Re: make any steak tender

        nothing beats charcoal! gotta love the flame broiled


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          Re: make any steak tender

          Originally posted by KR1156 View Post
          nothing beats charcoal! gotta love the flame broiled
          i agree, here's a shot from the last bbq of the season, not the greatest shot but you can't keep a juicy ribeye waiting for long:

[email protected]/2113540194/


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            Re: make any steak tender

            I just lovew meat..nice find got to try that. Thanks for the link


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