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    Re: What's cooking tonight?

    The asparagus landed in a garlic butter sauce, but the green onion is a good idea (unsure about the wild part, you mean the stuff I kill in my yard every spring?).

    A last minute addition was hominy cornbread, which came out much better than I expected. I got the recipe from the Beth Hensperger bread machine book. She's now one of my favorite cookbook authors, hasn't given me a bad recipe yet. I just ordered two more of her books from amazon.
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      Re: What's cooking tonight?

      Y'all ever try grilling corn? It's awsome. Leave the husks on, throw it on the charcoal and turn it three times over about 20 minutes.


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        Re: What's cooking tonight?

        ah, hadnt even thought of garlic butter sauce. sounds good! and yes, the ones you kill in your yard. we have large fields of them here and nobody wants them, but they're fine for eating and spicing.

        never heard of hominy cornbread. i like hominy and i like cornbread, but would have never thought of the two together. i'm afraid i'm not much of a cookbook person. if it takes more than 10 minutes to cook and prepare, then it's probably not me cooking. but, i do like to eat and have learned a few things over the years. i make a pretty mean spaghetti and meatsauce if i were to ever write a cookbook it would be titled "the bachelor's companion, or, how to cook in under 10 minutes"

        i've had grilled corn, though it was done in foil rather than the husks. sounds good i heard of a way, once, where they did that in some sort of earth oven. and when i say 'earth oven' i dont mean one made of earth, i mean one set in the earth. i think they were cooking pork and a number of vegetables. looked great.


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          Re: What's cooking tonight?

          Tonight is Fish and Chips


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            Re: What's cooking tonight?

            ok, dave mentioned fish... batter fried! we catch our own lake bass, filet them, dip them in batter (half flour, half cornbread meal and an egg or two), heat the skillet, canola oil, let warm to a sizzle of the oil and drop in the fish. turn regularly and cook to a golden brown. delich!


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              Re: What's cooking tonight?

              My nine year old is making "lamb lollies" and truffled smashers.....She wants to be chef when she grows up


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                Re: What's cooking tonight?

                Hangi is what the Earth Oven is in New Zealand.
                Delicious food.
                Check it on Wikipedia


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                  Re: What's cooking tonight?

                  Honey Garlic Buffalo Wings - On the BBQ! Yummy!


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