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French pancakes (called Crepes)

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  • French pancakes (called Crepes)

    Hi, I'm quite new here and I just discover somewhere in the forums where I can give some advices (as for photography, I would better receive advices). Here's my recipe for French pancakes...I live in the UK but as a French I always make my well known recipes and for whatever reason this one is an every English favorite. So I hope it will cross the Atlantic too.

    2 eggs (no matter the size)
    200 gr standard flour (not self raising)
    50g of butter (or margarine, or even oil)
    a pinch of salt
    a shot of liquor - not mandatory (rum works well, whisky as well, anything based on apples or pears, brandy's ok...port or martini are a bit weird)
    1 shot of orange blossoms water or orange extract.
    1/2 a liter to 1 liter of milk

    Wisk the eggs in a jar, put on the alcohol, the orange water, the melted butter (anything liquid except the milk), blend firmly with a hand mixer or food processor (can be done by hand but the more is fluffy, the best it is), add the flour little by little using the mixer. You end up with a thick dough. Then you add you milk little but little until you get a quite liquid dough (to check, you dip your finger in the dough, you let the liquid drip and you must end with a very thin layer of dough on your finger, not more as the consistency of a light milkshake). No must not have any solid bits of flour in the dough (so mix it again)....
    Now comes the tedious job...
    Take a NON STICK- frying pan, the flattest possible (not like a wok) something about 20 to 25 cm diameter. put it on the hob, fire set very hot...grease the pan with a little butter or oil and wipe it with a kitchen paper (keep it for later). Once the pan hot, lower the hob a little. With an equivalent of 3/4 cup of dough, layer the pan with the pancake mix. let it cook until golden brown underneath (got to check until you get used to it) or until the edges unstick themselves from the pan. takes about 2 minutes. Turn over the pancake with a wooden tool and then let it cook for another 30 sec (might not be dry but soft and moistened), put the cooked pancake on a plate (put some sugar while it's hot if you like as the sugar melts inside). repeat until you finish the dough, regreasing from time to time, and adjusting the quantities of dough. It must be a very thin layer, not like the american pancake, more like filo pastry or spring roll. makes about 30 pancakes. Can be filled with a mixture of raspberries and whipped cream, treacle, golden syrup, honey, chocolate, or even salted things like eggs and bacon or whatever.

    The quantity of milk cannot be told in advance as it depends on the quality of flour, if you use butter or oil, your eggs, and even the temperature...The most important thing it's that it must be light and moistened - not an heavy stuff), you must rely on the consistency of the dough before you cook it, whatever the quantity of milk.
    this is how it must look like, with some clever additional cultural comments:

    Voila! Hope it sounds sensible as it's my first recipe translated in English.

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    Re: French pancakes (called Crepes)

    Crepes are the best thing ever, especially with lemon juice and sprinkled with sugar. Thank you for your recipe, I am going to try it.


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      Re: French pancakes (called Crepes)

      looks hard, but once you get used, you don't even need to read the recipe...