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Fruit cake for Christmas

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  • Fruit cake for Christmas

    3lbs dried mixed fruit( you can add extr cherries or mixed peel if you prefer)
    1 teaspoon parisian essance
    1 tablespoon coffee essance
    6 eggs
    bottle cooking brandy
    8 oz of butter
    8 oz brown sugar
    10 oz self raising flour

    1. soak fruit in brandy ( I usually use about 1/3 to 1/2 the bottle) the longer you soak it the better I usually do it for about a week but have done for as little as 2 days

    2.Line a 9" cake tine with brown paper. To do this I grease the pan with butter lightly then cut the paper to size the paper should protrude from the top of the tin by about 2-3"

    4. beat butter and sugar together with an electric mixer until it is a light cream colour.

    5. add beaten eggs slowly trying not to allow the mixture to curdle. If it starts to curdle add some of the flour. if it does curdle don't worry it won't effect the result.

    6. turn the mixer down to slow

    7. sift flour and add alternatly with the fruit while the mixer is still going slowly.

    8. add essences

    9. pour and or spoon the mixture into cake tin. To get the top flat drop the tin with the mixture in it from a height of about 1 foot on to the bench to level it out. Be carful that you drop it straight down otherwise it could end up on the floor.

    10. if you want you can then decorate the top of the cake with blanched almonds but I don't usually do that.

    11. bake in slow oven (150deg C) for 3 hours.

    12. Test if cooked at bout 2 1/2hours by skewering with metal a skewer, if the skewer comes out clean the cake is done, if not cook longer

    13. when cooked take out of the oven while hot and pour over most or all of the bottle of brandy.

    14. Wrap in towels to keep the heat in and allow to cool slowly. This keeps the cake moist.

    15. After cutting always store in an air tight container.

    And that's it, enjoy.

  • #2 the risk of sounding totally clueless ...what is "parisian essence"?


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      This recipe sounds a little better than the one I posted. I copied this one down for possible future use. Thanks for sharing.



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        parisian essance is a colour enhancer, gives the fruit cake a dark brown colour.


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          Greg, I'm fairly well-versed in cooking ingredients, and I've never heard of Parisian essence! After a little searching on the web, I've come to the conclusion that it's a decidedly Aussie ingredient. I did find one definition that also refers to it as "Burnt Caramel":
          Parisian essence or Burnt Caramel is almost flavourless, rich brown concentrate. Used mostly as a gravy browning agent it is easily used to enhance the rich appearance of a Christmas cake or in microwave cooking.
          Hope that helps,


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            Re: Fruit cake for Christmas

            Thanks i will try this....


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