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    I found a hilarious old cookbook that my parents got at some time from who knows where (the book says copyright 1966) It's called "Ma's Cookin' " and it's about as hillbilly as you can possibly get. (I attached a scan of the cover so you can get an idea of it..) anyway, there is actually a very good and easy egg nog recipe in there (lucky, I found this just in time for christmas) so here it is:

    Egg Nog

    direct quote from the book:
    "If yore hens is layin' good an' you got plenty of eggs, an' th' cows ain't dry, here's a real good recipe"

    5 Eggs
    6 Cups Milk
    1/4 Cup Sugar
    1/4 tsp. Salt
    2 tsp. Vanilla

    Beat the whites of the eggs to soft peaks. Add the yolks of the eggs and beat again. Add Sugar, Milk and Vanilla in that order slowly, and beat well. Sprinkle with nutmeg for taste. Makes about 15 servings.

    That makes a LOT of egg nog, so it's usually best to make half a batch at a time (the recipe divides well, except the eggs, in which case its your choice of 2 or 3 depending how rich you like it)

    reading this book provides a good laugh, it's complete with hillbilly sayings, superstitions, "wisdom", and various other things at the bottom of the page, such as: "A dirty sock worn 'round th' neck on goin' to bed will cure a sore throat; Don't sleep in th' moonlight. This may cause yuh to go crazy; To cure chicken pox--after th' sun goes down, go to th' chicken house an' let a black hen fly over you." etc. etc.

    - David
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    Good recipe idea David, always popular around holiday season. Just needs some brandy to liven it up

    lol at the book cover and the 'wisdom'


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      That looks worth trying David. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you chase that down with a bottle of moonshine?



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        LOL always wondered about the sock around the neck, joke!

        But i have wondered how to make egg nog, i thought it had alcohol in it!

        My Mum use to make something similiar called Egg flip i wonder if its the same but different name.


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          Google search for this book

          I checked on google about this book, it had me intrigued, it came up with lots of recipes.



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            Hey David

            You got yourself a little goldmine!

            Check here at Amazon bookstore


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              I'll have to try that recipe. We used to always get eggnog from the farmstore but they went out of business and now everything is too brandy tasting. I never liked that. I like the real creamy almost milkshake like taste to the one we used to buy. Thanks for sharing that.