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WOW, I never would have thought!

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  • WOW, I never would have thought!

    I love to cook! And now I can talk it while I'm learning too! LOL! Well earlier tonight I made liver pate. Does anyone in here like liver? I would have joined the Lentil soup thread but the only two things I never ate in my whole life were lentils and blue cheese! Anyway, I love sauces, marinades, sauteeing, omelets, and spices. What's for breakfast?

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    love liver

    I love liver. Unfortunatley haven't had it since my Mother-in-law passed away. She hated it but would make it for me. Being a farm wife she didn't beleive it was bad for you. Loved it cold on a sandwich with ketchup.



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      I don't care for liver, but we make liver treats for the dogs. You're invited to share with them Bob.



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        Bob & Ed

        Thanks for your reply Gentlemen! I'm sorry for your loss Bob, I agree, liver is great for the blood I was always told. Is it the iron? I love it in all forms, pate, with onions, whatever. Tonight I made a pate but instead of using raw onion I used fresh garlic and loads of it. I also put a teaspoon of Hennessey Cognac in it, bless my ex-wife for that recipe. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, good! Thank goodness no one is around either, I don't have to brush my teeth for a while and can taste it longer! hahahahahaha! AND!!! tell that pooch to slide over, Pierre is coming for dinner!!!


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          liver snaps

          Ed, how do you make liver treats for the pups? Helga is costing us a fortune in treats!

          Pierre, as I said I love liver, but you can have my share of liver treats.



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            OK Pierre. You get to sit at the dog table.

            We just boil the liver for 20 minutes or so, let cool, then cut into squares (about 3/4 inch). Then they go on a cookie sheet, and bake them in the oven. When they cool, we put some in a sandwich size baggie for immediate use. The remainder goes into a freezer bag until needed. We made the mistake of leaving a large batch at room temperature too long, and lost quite a bit to mold. The dogs love them. Here's another dog treat recipe. Have fun!



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              My pate recipe

              After all this I suppose I should share this. I use a pint of chicken livers sauteed in butter salt and pepper until well browned. Those are then processed in my mini Cuisnart until smooth. Added are a thin slice of fresh onion, two tablespoons of mayonaisse, a teaspoon or two of Hennessey cognac. Tonight I used fresh garlic instead of the onion. Blend further until smooth. Usually I can't wait to eat it but it should be chilled overnight for the flavors to blend. (my mouth is watering again )


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                Liver and Onions

                I love liver and onions.Recently I tried a recipe for liver that
                called for cooking it in a skillet with some wine vinegar.I thought
                it was outstanding.

                I also love lentils and when it comes to blue cheese,watch
                out.After I make a burger I top it with blue cheese.



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                  Wow, a reply?

                  I was really surprised to see a post in here again. Unfortunately, I haven't cooked for a while. I relocated to Fl and I've been doing all sorts of other things. I'm enjoying the nice weather instead. I'm sure tho that I'll be getting into those little delicious recipes again in the near future.


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