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Grilling steak - is it done yet??

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  • Grilling steak - is it done yet??

    I like my steak rare so as soon as it's warmed up, it's done, but this hint might be useful for the "well-done" folks.

    You can tell how well done a steak is by doing this comparison.

    - put the tips of you index finger and thumb of your left hand together and then poke at the muscle at the base of your thumb with your other hand - that's rare.

    - now put the tip of your "saluting" finger and your thumb together and poke the muscle etc.

    As you change fingers, the muscle gets firmer just as steak gets firmer as it cooks.

    Now if I could just afford a steak.......


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    How I tell if my steak is done:
    * If my wife grills it, it's not done enough. (BTW: You could cook a steak for her using an electric blanket. )
    * If I grill my own steak, it gets cooked just the way I like it.


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