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Recipe Fish with peach salsa

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  • Recipe Fish with peach salsa

    Maybe I should have taken a picture of this.

    Tonight I had picked up a couple pounds of fresh Alaskan troll caught King Salmon and had no idea what I wanted to do with it [besides eat it].

    I decided that I was going to make a peach Salsa for it. Great hit.


    3 fresh wonderful peaches- easier if just a bit firm- diced, about pea size dice

    !/2 Cup onion- diced smaller

    about a cup of diced fresh tomatoes- I bet a green one diced in would be good too

    cup of chopped cilantro

    1 fairly hot jalepino diced

    Juice of 2 lemons-- just add what ever acid tastes good to you need a little to retain color--

    salt and pepper-- the salt makes the peaches even sweeter

    Make a lot extra- it is great on french bread!

    The fish:

    Salmon on the webber-Salt and pepper [I cook most of my fish to an internal temp of 115 degrees, that is a bit on the rare side but if you can get really fresh catch, its fine without cooking]

    I've never actually used a Salsa with salmon before usually use Hallibut or cod, I think this was wonderful.
    May you eat well,

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    Sounds great! ...will have to try it this weekend. I might substitute the jalapeno with some mild green chilies and the lemon with lime.

    Good point on cooking the fish a bit rare...especially Salmon.


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      Hope you enjoy.

      If the heat of the Jalopena bothers you, rather than a sweet green bell pepper which can be bitter, I'd us an Anahime [I know I buchered that spelling]. It will have the flavor of a chile without the heat. This would also be good on the fresh snapper [rock fish] you have there.
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