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Any Equilibrium fans around?

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  • Any Equilibrium fans around?

    Hi all,

    since I am a big big fan of this movie and I was a little bored today I thought I'd setup some nice wallpapers about this flick.

    If somebody wants to use 'em, feel free to do so and distribute

    Located at


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    Love the movie.

    Bale was a fine choice. Largely emotionless, but slowly starts to peek through as things progress, but not much.

    The most jaw-dropping aspect of Equilibrium for me is the fighting. It is very refreshing to see martial arts expounded, extrapolated, and adapted like that for a futuristic flick. Who needs high flying kicks when you have wrist wrestling with handguns? The final fight scene was bloody amazing.


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      I am a huge fan of this movie. It has so many scenes which are totally unpredictable. Just when you think the movie is going to end, that's when the action begins.

      It's much like the song 2112 by Rush. Also reminded me a lot like that sci-fi movie Logan Runs.


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        I didn't care much for the movie, but for all the wrong reasons. Nothing against Mr. Bale, I've enjoyed his work immensely ever since Empire of the Sun (excellent flick). And the movie was well-crafted, and had a good concept. I just have a problem with action movies that are ostensibly set in the "real" world that rely on action that is obviously supernatural (I had the same problem with the Mission Impossible movies). It's my own failing, I admit. My disbelief isn't easily suspended, at least not arbitrarily. Put some ghosts or a giant dragon or even a light saber in the movie and I'll buy into all the supernatural trappings they want to throw at me. Put the stunts in a matrix or in a galaxy far far away and I'll gladly buy into them. But I don't believe Bruce Willis can outrun explosive fireballs or Tom Cruise can turn his motorcycle 180 degrees on its front wheel (while firing two guns) and other things movies not set in imaginary worlds try to get us to swallow. Like the gunwork in Equilibrium.

        Which brings me to my other objection (again, admittedly my own narrow-mindedness), and that is I find the idea of a martial art based on guns (gun-kata, shown in Equilbrium) to be oxymoronic and borderline offensive, even if it does really exist (or perhaps especially because it really exists).

        And I moved this thread to the Movie Club forum, where hopefully it will have a longer shelflife.
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