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  • Prairie Home Companion

    I finally got to see it. I am a huge fan of the radio show, and thought it was really good especially the ending.

    Anyone else?


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    I'm (a) a Minnesotan and a long-time listener, and (b) a big admirer of Altman's work so, yup, I rushed right out and saw it. And liked it.

    The fact that Lindsay Lohan bears a resemblance to my younger daughter that in certain lights and at certain angles is so striking as to be spooky - even down to gestures & body language - added to the experience. I almost fell out of my seat the first time she appeared on screen.

    I thought it was a sweet, funny, good-natured movie. My other daughter, who isn't a PHC listener, saw it with me and was less enthralled and of course didn't get a lot of it but enjoyed it nonetheless except for Virginia Madsen who for some reason just annoyed the bejeebers out of her.



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      Re: Prairie Home Companion

      I've been a Prairie Home Companion fan for many years, listening to the show and reading Keillor's books, so I looked forward to seeing the movie and wasn't disappointed. I guess it's the mark of a good movie, but I kept dreading for it to be over. I wanted to stay right there in that off beat world with Garrison, Lily, Merrel and Kevin.


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