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  • Thinkers

    I love movies you can argue about for years after seeing them.

    A (lame) example is "Total Recall". Did Arnold actually go to Mars?

    A (excellent) example is "The Stunt Man". Was Peter O'Toole playing Jesus, or just an egomaniac?

    A (cliched) example is "Blade Runner". Was Dekker a replicant?
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    Pulp Fiction

    I may not have argued about it, but I have had lengthy, deep, heated discussions with people over what it was REALLY about.

    I just don't think it was a simple little story about a couple of low life hit men... I think it was more symbolic and psychological than that.

    And I loved it, btw.

    The question is: were they really bad guys?


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      You mean were they really "bad guys" or were they really "bad" guys?
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        Originally posted by Doug Nelson
        You mean were they really "bad guys" or were they really "bad" guys?
        yeah, that second one...


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          Well, by making a couple of assumptions and using the logic of Doug-land, the answer would be 'yes'.

          Taking "bad" guys as synonymous with evil guys, and using the Augustinian view that evil is actually the absence of the good, and taking the further leap that we are defined by our actions, would mean that their actions (killing people, selling drugs, etc.) overall were lacking in the good, and even their seemingly good acts, such as saving the lives of the two kids, were actually self-serving and therefore lacking in the good, which would make their actions mostly evil, which would make them 'bad' men
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            I still think about Fargo, loved that film. Get the wood chipper out!
            Also liked Pulp, though I don't try to anlyize, just enjoy.
            Love good supence like Jennifer Eight with .............
            He also was in When a Man Loves a Woman with Meg R. great.

            Thinking, how bout Missisippi Burning?


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              Andy Garcia?


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