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  • Ali

    1st hour:
    Casius Clay feels sorry for himself for being african american and changes his name citing that his name is a slave name. Jadea Pinkett - nobody would know who I was if my husband wasn't famous - Smith's poor acting as Ali's first wife who he ditched because she wasn't Muslim enough.

    2nd hour:
    Boxing - Ali being a pompus jerk.

    3rd hour:
    More nation of Islam stuff, Ali womanizing and running through another wife. Some confusing transactions between the Nation of Islam people and Don King.

    Essentially you have to know about Ali's life already to make sense of this, and even then I am not sure if it makes much sense. At least two scenes from the previews weren't even in the movie itself.

    I don't see how this movie could possibly portray this man in a positive light. I was thoroughly disgusted with it and pretty ticked off that I wasted my time watching it.

    The one positive thing I can say is:
    Will Smith did a great acting job - especially the voice.

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    I was disapointed too, although not by Will's acting so much as the overly long and confusing script, who cares about the thoughts of all those musslims, who wanted to leaverage off of Ali's fame. I have to assume since your a woman and probably not old enough, that you didn't see those fights many times, and I must say they corriagraphed them wonderfully. Each new fight with a different opponent was fairly accurate. I say the Jerry Quarry fight, and he kicked his but just like that. The ones where he was beaten down went just like that, so no, this was not for everyone, but I bet Ali liked it.


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      Hey, you shouldn't assume that because i am a woman that I don't watch fighting....

      Actually, you are right, I never saw the original fights, though I was amazed with the choreography and commented to someone that I wondered if scenes were close to the originals.

      I thought Will's acting was good, but the rest of the movie rediculous.

      Ali may have been a great fighter, but I am not impressed at all with the representation of him as a person.

      (Oh, and by the way, if the fights weren't Pay-per-view I would most definitely watch them.)


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