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    I just saw the laters Steven Speilberg movie, "Minority Report" last night, and I really liked it. the only thing I would've wanted is a more surprising ending. I always find it funny how they portray the way they think computers would be in the future (2054 in this case), pretty unrealistic in my view, but it is Sci-fi so they can do what they want. the only other thing I didn't like was the tons of blatant advertising/product placement (Lexus cars, GAP stores, etc. etc.) but overall, I really enjoyed it. has anybody else here seen it, and if so what did you think?

    - David

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    Saw it a couple days ago with my wife.

    Definitely not as unusual as "Vanilla Sky," but it was curious to me (and the Mrs.) why in the last two TC movies he's gone out of his way to make himself 'ugly' for a spell. Pretty decent special effects; fast paced; a couple interesting plot twists.

    Would not go back to see it again nor rent it. It felt better having gone during 'economy' time where we paid a little less for tix.

    On a 1-10, (10=Exceptional), I'd give it about a (7.1).


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      I liked it. Give it about an 8. Dont much care for Tom C. but he did ok in this. I agree w/Danny a few neat twists.

      Can anyone explain to me why they would spend money on Adam Sandlers "Mr Deeds"?



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