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  • Mindwalk

    There's another thread here about books that have changed our lives. Well, here's a movie that changed mine.

    Mindwalk is 12 years old, and I hadn't watched it for at least 6 years, but it was on cable this morning so I rewatched it, and I was astounded at how many of the thoughts expressed in this movie that I've internalized and come to think of as my own views.

    This isn't your typical movie. There's no chase scenes or startling denouement. Just two hours that follows three people as they walk in the French countryside and talk. Nevertheless, it had me rivited, and moments even had my heart pounding.

    Mindwalk is actually based on a philosophy book, "The Turning Point", by Fritjoff Capra, also the author of "the Tao of Physics". He co-wrote this movie, and it's directed by his brother. It has some big-name stars, Sam Waterston, John Heard, Liv Ullmann, but that's only to get someone to watch it. It's really just a front to get you to listen to Capra's ideas on systems theory and a holistic worldview.

    I was one of the 6 people that bought that book, and it was slow going but it really got me thinking. This movie distills and makes more approachable the high ideals presented in the book.

    Rewatching it today also got me nostalgic for my college days, when I'd actually have conversations like the one in the movie. And kind of sad, since I caught a subtext today that had eluded me in previous viewings. I guess I'm a little wiser now, or perhaps more closed-minded.
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