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    Just bought the DVD for Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring). I buy very few DVD's. Saw the movie when it came out at Christmas. Am very much looking forward to the next installment.

    I thought it was very true to the book, which I re-read about every 5 years or so. I think it is one of the best pieces of Literature.

    1)Huckelberry Finn
    2)Lord of the Rings (really 3 books)
    3)A Confederacy of Dunces

    Any other opinions?


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    I rented the LOTR DVD and was surprised to learn that the second disc was really just an advertisement for the upcoming Special Edition, with a longer version, etc.
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      I thought the movie did a pretty good job as well and the changes that were made seemed necessary. I did not buy the DVD however, since the "special edition" coming out in November has ~30 minutes of extra footage...that should make it even truer to the book!

      Part of the movies appeal, at least for me, is that it was made outside of the Hollywood system (New Zealand) by an independent film maker (Peter Jackson). This gave the film a very unique look and feel that I doubt any big name Hollywood director would have been able to achieve. Hopefully the next one will win the Oscar "Fellowship" should have won...


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        Another thing I really liked about the movie when being made is the fact that he filmed all three episodes at the same time. That way the sequals will have the same characters played by the same actors and they won't look like the got 5 years older in the process. I thought that was a great idea. Not to mention he saved on costs of scenery and costuming and more not having to redo it all each consecutive year or more.
        I loved the books too. It always fascinated me how a person could create a world in books then go on to design the maps of their world and give them all seperate languages. Tolkien was a linquist but still, creating complete languages for each creature was no small feat. Those books will rank among the classics for years to come.


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          ....I'm picking my jaw off the floor as I write this...just downloaded the newest trailer for "The Two Towers"...all I can say is that I can't wait for December!! I am a big Tolkien fan and loved the first movie, so am a bit biased. ...So, if you enjoyed the first film check out this new trailer. If you have the bandwidth I would recomend the full screen version. Be will be rewarded! be warned - if you have not read the book but saw the first film, there are some pretty big spoilers in this preview.

          click on any of the "new trailer" links at the top.


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            From World Entertainment News Network:

            "A lavish $12 million stage musical adaptation of hit film and novel The Lord Of The Rings is to premiere in London in 2005. The production will be the biggest-budget musical ever to be staged in the British capital - and if successful, it will be taken around the world. Financial backer, American svengali Saul Zaentz, explains, "I want it to be a landmark. When you put a piece literature with such a worldwide profile on the stage you need to make something utterly extraordinary." The production, which has already spent a year and a half in development, is being directed by Matthew Warchus, who is currently overseeing the Madness musical Our House."
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