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The last great movie

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  • The last great movie

    What's the last movie you've seen that you would unabashedly call great, 5 stars, two thumbs up, a keeper, one for the ages, an instant classic, <insert favorite cliche here> ?

    It doesn't have to be a firstrun movie. It can be on tape, DVD, cable, or broadcast TV. It simply has to be the most recent one you've seen (but not one you've ever seen before).

    And only one, please <insert evil laugh>.
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  • #2
    Ghost World


    • #3
      Ghost World was great!

      Mine would be... American Psycho.... some parts I could do without, but the monologues were hillarious!


      • #4
        My pick "Best in Show". Dog lovers must see it.


        • #5
          Or otnemoM, for those who've seen it.


          • #6
            John Wayne: The Shootist
            They have no stars to fill his boots.I read that the idea for a movie about his life was discarded due to the fact an ideal actor could not be found.

            "Chew on that pilgrim"


            • #7
              I can watch this one over and over again, it's just such an interesting concept...

              The Matrix


              • #8
                Big Fat Greek Wedding

                I laughed and laughed.


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