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    We've discussed movies that are guilty pleasures, but how about movies that we love that no one else seems to have seen?

    One of my all-time favorite movies is 'the Stunt Man', but I rarely run into anyone that has seen it (or gets it if they have).

    What are movies that you love, but you feel like no one else has seen?
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    'Kind Hearts and Coronets' 1949. A comedy of inheritance in which Alec Guinness played most of the parts.


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      I have seen "The Stunt Man" at least 3 times - but not recently. I had kind of forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

      As far as great movies nobody has seen, how about "Withnail and I"?


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        Persuasion... Jane Austen's last book made into a lovely movie by the BBC... with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds...
        ~suddenly feels rather faint~


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