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  • NetFlix: Oldies

    I have been enjoying NetFlix past few months. Only instant streaming - no DVD in my plan.

    Recently discovered M and Dr. Mabuse by Fritz Lang. I have been meaning to get into some B&W oldies and these two kept popping up. I gave them a view.

    OMG, M had me yelling at my monitor! The whole search scene in the office building had me seriously on edge on the whole time. I wanted them to catch him, but at the same time I was scared that they might. So many emotions for me during all of that. So many emotions the whole time. Angry, apprehensive, relieved... all sorts of crazy things.

    Mabuse had me yelling as well, but not quite as much.

    Planning on looking up some more Fritz in the coming weeks. But I think the original Nosferatu will be next for me.

    You got any golden oldies?
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    Re: NetFlix: Oldies

    take a look at HULU, too. you might find some goodies there as well. but, reciprocating, i'll check those out.


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      Re: NetFlix: Oldies

      I have yet to see much of HULU. I remember some debacle with them and I have avoided them so far. Maybe one of these days I'll check it again.

      I started Nosferatu, but haven't finished.

      But I did get sucked into Yojimbo and Sanjuro. Love old Japanese samurai movies. Seven Samurai is at the top of my list. Subtle humour that is so dry as to make most brits cry. (Not to stereo-type or make cliche.)

      Also got sucked into The Girl with the Dragon Tatto, but that's another story.


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        Re: NetFlix: Oldies

        i had a friend in L.A. that loved old asian martial arts films. he'd watch them for hours a day. i watched a few of them and they were a hoot, but i dont recall any of the names and havent watched any in years now. maybe i'll see what hulu and netflix have to offer again in this genre.


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          Re: NetFlix: Oldies

          Recommend Mark of Zorro (Fairbanks, 1920), Thief of Bagdad (Fairbanks, 1924), Phantom of the Opera (Chaney, 1925), and The General (Keaton, 1926) - all impressive silent films. The Penalty (Chaney, 1920) and Ben-Hur (1925) are also very good silents, but at this time they're check out not streamers.


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