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LOTR: The Two Towers

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  • LOTR: The Two Towers

    I'm tempted to go stand in line for the midnight showing tonight! ...Lot's of good reviews for this one so far....

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    I can't wait either Greg. It was a movie I couldn't wait to be made but reading the books, it was a movie I didn't think they could do justice to the books. What a pleasant surprise I got after seeing the Fellowship. Now, Dave and I are patiently waiting to see the next in the series. I hear the Two Towers is better than the first and that's hard to imagine.


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      I can't wait to see it either. I loved the first one, pitty there's a year between the movies. it's too long to wait.


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        I was going to go for the opening here tomorrow night, but I'm going to be busy, so I'll be going to go see it on the weekend. I'm definitely excited about this one too!!

        - David


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          A long time to wait for the movies...a year in between, but after waiting, what, 15 or so years since I originally read the books...I can wait, (sorta)!

          Just think what a great weekend moviefest it WILL be after the 3rd comes out. All 3 on DVD, at home, light a fire, pop some corn and pop all 3 in, a nice 9 hour movie day!!! lol

          Can't wait to get in line to see this one!


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            It is VERY good.

            I saw Two Towers about a week ago as my company had an advance screening. It is much better than the first movie in my opinion.


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              I re-read the triology about every 5 years or so. I was very impressed with the first movie, not only with how good it was, but how closely it followed the book.

              I hope to catch the Two Towers this week end.


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                Giant Spoiler!!

                If anyone wants to see what Gollum looks like and read a very interesting article on his creation, check this out!


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                  Gollum was already shown in the movie previews. He matches my vision of Gollum so far.

                  Here's a little trivia:
                  Anyone remember from the books what Gollum's original name was before he was corrupted by the ring?



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                      You jumped on that one pretty quick there Greg. You're not one of these "Trekky" types are you?

                      Yes, it was Smeagol. For some reason, after reading those books in 78 I remembered that name. I kind of grew fond of the slimy little character.


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                        ...and for 100 extra points - What was the name of Smeagol's cousin...who was the one who actually found the ring while they were fishing?

                        DJ - I was a big Lord of the Rings geek as a child...still am I guess!


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                            Good memory DJ! ...1978 is the last time you read it?


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                              Yes, 78 was pretty much the last time I read it. It's amazing what comes back when you really liked something but I would be hard pressed to answer much more than that I'm afraid.


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