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    I’ve seen no mention here of ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ which I thought worked well showing all the various aspects of thirties America. Depression, chain gangs, bible punching, gangsters etc. I’m no great fan of George Clooney but thought his acting was a great ‘Tour de Force’ of the film as well as the elegant sound track.
    And a great plus no special effects which make up for weak storylines in many films today.
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    Yes, great film Chris!! If you get the DVD, be sure to watch the extra part on how the film was made. They actually shot the film in the deep south where everything in incredibly green. Then applied a "sepia tone" to just about the entire movie to give it a dried, parched look. They actually show the before/after effect in one of the "extras" on the DVD. I found it fascinating.



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      Ok on the DVD a local shop did a special offer on the double edition for £8($12) which pleased me greatly as I nearly paid $28 for it the day before!

      I've looked at parts of disc 2 but didnt see the filtered version although the 'toning' was mentioned to give the 'dustbowl' effect, I'll have another look. I got the soundtrack for a present which included the Alison Krauss song as the neophytes go down to the river for the baptism scene. The sound track was half of the film for me.


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        Chris, I think the before/after clip I saw was in the same segment as the "toning" was mentioned. It wasn't very long - just kind of a fade-in effect. I still thought it was a very interesting use of digital editing to get the effect they wanted for the movie.



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          Just found it J its an interesting way to give a film an environmental 'mood' reminded me of the John Wayne classic 'The Searchers' which is shot in monochrome and gives the film tremendous 'atmosphere'.


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            Great movie...and you are right about the soundtrack! The movie really introduced bluegrass and folk music to a larger audience. I wonder what Homer would have thought about this movie?


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              Funnily enough they screened it on TV tonight and I just caught the baptism scene for a couple of minutes and the background to the river shots is very muted compared to the foreground in a colour sense. Not much river baptism over here the churches would lose too many recruits through hypothermia!!


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