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  • Gangs of New York

    I was dragged to this film by a friend and was surprised and pleased by it. I dont know how correct it is historically but the over the top acting of Day Lewis as Cutter and Broadbent as the superbly bent mayor was excellent stuff. Decaprio and the other bird who played the love interest were overshadowed by the other two. Delightfully sleazy sets and Cutters knife throwing antics made the film for me.

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    I've seen the previews and things on the entertainment TV shows and I thought this one looked interesting, so I'm glad to hear it's good. (I got in line very early on boxing day and got myself a sattelite system for free, so I've turned into a couch potato over the last couple weeks) I'm not really surprised to hear about DiCaprio, I've never been very impressed with his acting.

    - David


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      I think you'll enjoy it David as long as you look upon it as more comedy than drama, with Cutter as chief jester. Liam Neeson also appears in the film playing his usual Irish yokel role but mercifully for the viewer is bumped off in a preliminary skirmish!


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        Whatever happened to Daniel Day Lewis anyway? He was in several movies then fell off the face of the earth until "Gangs of New York"...has he been acting on stage or was he just sick of Hollywood?


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          I liked the movie but also question how factual it was. Also was annoyed by Cutter for trying to act and sound like Fonsie from Happy Days.

          Great photography. Found Twin Towers more entertaining.



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            I think Day Lewis is a bit of a 'luvvie' and spends his time acting in obscure stage work etc probably has enough dosh to please himself as regards work. I wasnt too impressed with that steak Cutter cooks in the last reel looked a bit underdone to me !


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