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    Well just back from Master and Commander and it gets my thumbs up. Crowe plays the role in an understated fashion and the Aubrey/Maturin interplay which is the bedrock of the books is well carried over by the screen writers. Warts and all ship life of the time is graphically displayed. Some excellent storm scenes, interesting locations and a dam good spanking for the frogs at the finish make for a job well done.

    What a pleasure it is to go to the cinema these days, you dont have to be a Kama Sutra adept to get in the seats and smokers are banned, wonderful

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    I saw it last weekend and loved it. Crowe gives his usual excellent performance...great supporting cast as well. I'm not a historian, but the movie seemed very faithful to the out of place 21st century slang and no glossing over some of the harsher things that happened on those ships.


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      No complaints really. RN captains of the day rarely eat with the officers except on special occasions but obviously in the film it was a good way of introducing the various characters.


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