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Favorite Christmas movies

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  • Favorite Christmas movies

    What's your favorite Christmas movie? Mine's "A Christmas Story" with "Christmas Vacation" not far behind.
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    It has got to be national lampoons christmas vacation for me...


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      I love "A Christmas Story" with "It's a Wonderful Life" at a close second.


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        "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947 version) and "A Christmas Carol" (two versions - Reginald Owen/Gene Lockhart - 1938, and the 1950's versions with Alastair Sims) are my favorite Christmas movies. Must sees each year!

        But I've gotta see "How the Grinch stole Christmas" on TV every year also -- watch poor little Max, the dog wearing tied on reindeer antlers, pull that sled up that huge mountain... , and then see the Grinch's heart GROW! Yippee!!


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          Christmas movies

          I am a "Miracle" fan also. Everything mentioned so far are also on my list. What a great time of the year for movies. The bad part is I now must ask for all these movies on DVD after finally getting a large collection on vhs.



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            I don't think I could pick a favorite. But if I had to pick a prop, it would have to be the "leg lamp"



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              fav xmas movies

              Happy holidays all

              I can think of three that stand out for me..

              one old one, the orginal one of course
              miracle on 34st

              One spoof on an old one...

              and well this one takes over on all levels for me

              Nightmare before Xmas

              and I will agree, can't miss the Grinch on TV



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                The Polar Express

                I was lucky enough to get to watch The Polar Express over christmas, and if you have had the chance to see it, you have to agree, that it really gives the children of today a new fantasy to beleive in regarding the true spirit of christmas.

                Everything about the film is filled with warmth, happiness and excitement ( of course from a childrens perspective *winks* )

                If you have children, grandchildren or even the neighbours kids, find an excuse to go see this if you can, I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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