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    OH yeah, I got alot of those. Start a thread, I think this could get interesting.


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      Animal House....Ferris Bueler's Day Off


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        favorite movie that most people haven't heard of? well I saw a really neat movie called "Run lola run" that was pretty much an unheard of (it was from Germany I think). it was a fast paced movie where a large amount of money is lost/stolen from a new gang member, and it's basically 3 different approx. 20 minute sections of how things could've unfolded after that . It was really interesting and I liked it a lot.

        - David


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          Re: Sleeper Movies

          "The Life Aquatic" "The Darjeling Limited" "Momento"
          Theese are some of the best movies i have ever seen, and garanteed to entertain.
          Forgive me if any or all are not sleepers, but im pretty sure they are. enjoy


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            Re: Sleeper Movies

            How about "Straight to Hell". Takes place in Mexico where some bank robbers' car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they stumble upon a town of coffee addicts. Stars Joe Strummer, with cameos by Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones. Very quirky. Not sure if this qualifies as a sleeper, as it may still be napping, but check it out.


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              Re: Sleeper Movies

              Oh, another great unheard-of - "Bliss". It won some Australian independent film award. It's about an advertising exec. having a party with friends on his 50th birthday, and he walks out to the backyard and has a heart attack. He is revived and sees the world completely differently from then on and eventually.... Well, just see it, it's wonderful and a bit strange.


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                Re: Sleeper Movies

                I downloaded the ones i havent seen, and realy enjoyed some of them, "Run Lola Run" i thaught was specialy good.

                Here are some others:
                A crazy kung fu comedy - Kung Pow
                Soldiers and Warewolfs? Action horror - Dog Soldiers
                Far out asian fighing action - Iron Monkey


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