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  • Donations via Paypal

    I would like some option to donate to RetouchPro without charging on my credit card. Is there any way RetouchPro could take paypal payments? I have a verified account at paypal so I can send directly from my bank account.

    I don't know what paypal charges the recipient, but it can't be any more than Amazon. And there are probably others who use Ebay, etc. who might prefer this option.

    If not, I can do it via credit card, just would rather not.



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    I'll look into it and post back here.
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      OK, I have a Paypal account, although I have no idea how to use this thing

      My "official" Paypal email address (for donations) is [email protected]

      I'm not currently set up to accept creditcard donations via Paypal. To use your creditcard, stick with the "Donate" button on any page of the main site or just click here

      For anyone that isn't comfortable with either of these methods, simply email me and I'll provide a snailmail address.

      Thank you Sharon, for your persistence and generosity.
      And thanks to everyone else that has helped keep this site growing with your generous donations.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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