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    You know I think it would be kind of cool to be able to buy prints of some of the pictures I see in the gallery.

    Any way that could happen? Might be a way RetouchPro could make money, if instead of a physical print, maybe people could donate a file and people like me could buy it and download it and print it.

    Probably can't happen, but I would like it.


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    Well, it certainly is an interesting concept. Something to consider for sure.


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      It's a nice idea. Maybe someday. But in the meantime all I can think about is the legal and technical cans of worms it would open.

      In the meantime, I'd suggest contacting the artist directly via email or PM. Offer a nominal printing and postage fee, or maybe they'd agree simply to send a high-rez file for you to print out.

      I know a lot of people here dream of one day making decent bucks from their work, so this is one way to start that off. Plus, don't forget to use the postcard feature to share images you particularly like.
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        Okay, I'm not trying to make this hard or an issue or anything. It's just that one person I would like pictures from is a very accomplished photographer and I wouldn't want to insult by offering too low or by not buying if the price was too high.

        Is there some way in their description they could say for instance 11x14 print available $50. High rez print on cd $20. And then maybe Sam could say High rez print on cd for one epson black inkjet cartridge. Could something like that be done without putting you in the way legally?

        Wouldn't that make you like the classifieds in the newspaper?

        Just ideas, no big deal.



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          There would be no legal problem for RetouchPRO if it was done that way. But it doesn't really fit with the purpose of the Gallery. It might also stifle non-sellers from using the Gallery for its real purpose.

          I would, however, encourage those interested in selling prints to put clear examples and purchase details on their personal website (the site listed in your profile). And, of course, I encourage everyone to visit the websites of your fellow members.

          Note: if you plan on selling prints as an on-going enterprise, I strongly discourage distributing your high-rez image files. If you just want to share with friends and/or defray some expenses, then no harm will be done (unless you get famous, and all the images you sold the files for become relatively valueless)
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Okay, I understand. I hope some of the Gallery artists will take your advice.

            Thanks for listening,



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