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    I don't submit challenges very often, so I'm not entirely familiar with the process. Specifically, I don't know the time it takes, once a submission is sent in, until it is posted. (Is that info posted somewhere, and I missed it?)

    I'm just trying to get an idea of how long I should wait before assuming the email never got through.

    Is there an automatically generated, generic response that could be sent out, to let us know that the submission was received ?

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    This is a question Doug could answer better, but generally when you submit a challenge entry it takes him a day or 2 to post it. However now that the membership has increased so much and submissions are coming in quite steady, it may take him a little longer to get them sorted out and loaded. I would say if you don't see it within a week you might try sending him a private message.


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      Thanks, DJ
      Now that you mentioned all the members, I can only imagine what a monumental task it must be to get all the entries sorted, and posted!


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        I apologize that some of the Challenge posts take awhile. I do them on a time-available basis. The past few days have been particularly difficult, as I just upgraded my web software and it's now crashing every 3 minutes and corrupting pages, so I've been spending my time chasing bugs rather than updating the site.

        I'm working on a system for posting Challenges that will bypass me completely, but it's probably still at least 6 months away (out of my hands, waiting for a couple of software upgrades). It may turn out to not even be possible.

        In the meantime, if your email software offers a "confirmation receipt" option, feel free to use it. It will at least tell you that I got your email.

        In almost a year there's only been 2 cases of a Challenge that I didn't receive (that I know of).
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          Now I know why Doug is hitting his head against his computer!!!!!

          I also submitted a challenge and had doubts about it reaching its destination....

          I agree with Vikki, about the
          monumental task
          involved in all this!