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  • Floating Menubar

    I dunno if I like the new floating menubar which has suddenly popped up on the left.

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    and then when I went back into the forums it was gone. wierd...


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      Yea...strange but fun to play with! Scrolling then suddenly changing directions makes the critter sorta lurch...I spent a few minutes in absorbed play trying to make it derail, but no luck. Still, its handy for jumping from place to place. I think it's a keeper... Tom


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        I say it's a plus! Easy to navigate to where you want to go, and it doesn't take up hardly any screen space.



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          I kind of like the cute little dance it does when you scroll trying to keep in the window. Makes it nice not having to scroll back up to get to certain menu items. Besides, it was an empty space anyway.


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            In my book, it's a keeper. I wonder if you could put a "view new posts" link on there too? I think that would be useful.



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              It's an experiment. I've also put it on the links and gallery pages. It's possible it could cause browser probs for some folks, and others might not be able to see it at all.

              We'll see how the feedback goes.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Do me a favor:

                If you can see the floating menubar, post "I can see it" or something like that (opinion optional). If you can't see it, post "What menu bar?" or something similar.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


                • #9
                  I not only see it but I have been using it.


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                    Not only do I see it, but it is still good for several minutes of mindless play.....what a neat toy!.....Tom


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                      I see it...

                      I use a Mac with IE 5. IE already has a menu bar, so what happens is the new menu moves over to the right a bit and sometimes covers what's in the leftmost part of the screen.

                      Also, even though I have a DSL connection, the pages load very slowly and jerkily since the new menu was added.

                      Having said that, the new menu is way cool. As a programmer, I can understand the thrill of finally getting something like that to work so I hesitated before voicing any problems with it so I'll shut up if you share the code with us hehehehe

                      Keep up the good work,



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                        I can see it and I like it. Much quicker to jump.



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                          I can see it and I do like the ease of use. I wish it didn't move, but I think that might be an eye problem with me. Something about things moving in my peripheral vision.

                          It is easy to use instead of having to use the back button.

                          Hope it stays.


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                            I see it, and I lke it. The only time I see it moving is when I'm scrolling a page. I have noticed that the site is extremely slow today, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.



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                              I see it and think it works great!


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