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Inoperative "New Posts" button.

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  • Inoperative "New Posts" button.

    Since the system back up of Retouch Pro the other day, I can't seem to use the New Posts button.

    Each time I use it I get Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

    Have changed no browser settings, and before the back up had no trouble with this function.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

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    That's really strange, I've been giving it a good workout all day.

    When you mouse over it or rightclick and view properties, does it show our domain plus /forums/search.php?do=getnew ? Does the 24 hour link work?

    It's cookie-based, you might try clearing out your RP cookies.
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      Its OK Doug, found out what the problem is. Some issue with javascript.

      Had to enable "NoScript" (extension for Firefox) to allow and to use javascript, once that was done problem was solved.

      Are they new, because I've not had to have them enabled before to use all the functions on this site.


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        Yes, but not that new. It's their new site-tracking feature, very handy. For a site with this many pages it gives results much more useful than log analysers.
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        Take responsibility for learning


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          All part and parcel of google adsense I would assume
          Never used the New posts button, but can confirm it doesn't work when and are blocked

          ***EDIT*** X posted with Doug


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            I'm back to where I was, "New Posts" button doesn't work for me, with or without javascript enabled for googleanalytics and googlesyndication.

            Seems to have just been a hiccup when it worked for me earlier today.


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