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  • Site Navigation Problem

    Hey Doug,
    FYI, I am trying Netscape Communicator 4.77 and all the links in the Forums Page are available but none light up as the first 3 did in Explorer 5.0. Also, in Communicator, Gallery won't load but it will in Explorer. I am not loosing any sleep over thgis, but I thought info relating to the behavior of the site would interest you.

    Is it because I am on an Apple? I am running Sys 9.21 on a G4
    Gerry M

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    Gerry, I'm also running a Mac and I've been having lots of problems with links and things too. I use IE 5.1 as well.

    I suspect my problems are peculiar to Mac and IE 5....



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      I've heard some NS4 people can't view the Gallery (doesn't depend on OS).

      I've tried to make sense out of the whole compatibility thing, got a headache, then learned that volumes of books have been written on the subject and still no one really knows.

      In my opinion the entire web is still in beta.

      However, I can explain that NS doesn't support 'hover' effects (the 'lighting up' you refer to). That's not broken, they just refused to implement it.
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        I hear you Doug. Any problems I'm having are not worth wasting your time trying to figure out.

        I have much a much better time surfing with IE 5 than I do with any version of Netscape so I stick with what works most of the time.

        BTW the sidebar menu now works except when I come here from and email notification.



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          Its actually not a problem I've ever noticed...
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