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  • Site Policy on Free Work


    I have noticed some members linking to large image files and then asking for the PSD file or a copy of the completed work as a large file.

    Why would they want that if they were here to learn?

    Do they just want a free restoration?

    Should we send it or refuse?

    I just wondered what the site policy is on that or what other members thought?

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Site Policy on Free Work

    From our FAQ:
    "Will you do my restoration/retouch/repair for me?
    No. This is a site for learning, and we will gladly help you learn to do it yourself. We have a "Image Help" forum just for that purpose. Click on "Forums" on the navbar to get there. There is also a "Classifieds" forum if you're willing to pay one of our members to work on your photo. "
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Re: Site Policy on Free Work

      Hi Doug.

      Yes. I have read that. But sometimes this is not evident at the start and then they ask for the file later (sometimes in a PM)

      Would you refuse it?



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        Re: Site Policy on Free Work

        Personally I would refuse. It's not that I'm being selfish or anything; But if I do jobs on the forum for free, where do you think my paying customers would go? If the public get the job done for nothing here, it would do quite a few of us out of earning a living.
        eg: Customer I have just done some slides for, knows I frequent these forums. If he could get users to do them here for nothing, I would be out of a job and VERY ticked off .


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          Re: Site Policy on Free Work

          I don't do Retouch work as a business, but I would not do a "full size" job then give them the PSD file.

          This has always been predominantly a learning site, and I can illustrate technique well enough without needing to supply a "complete" work file.

          Aside from the fact that it would encourage "scroungers", it could also be taking potential business away from other members here who do do Retouch work as their main means of income.


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