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    I just wanted to take a minute to say how pleased I am at the quality of the work being posted over in our Gallery . If you haven't checked it out recently, you owe yourself a treat. We recently passed the 100 pictures mark (and there's room for plenty more).

    Don't forget to tell the artists how much you like their work.
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    Hi, folks! I had a discussion with Doug about a problem I had understanding the Gallery, and want to share his answer along with my experiences. (Be sure to read his post above also, and let's support the Gallery.)

    I had never uploaded an image to the Gallery until this month. After receiving some nice comments, I decided to work on some new images and upload them to the Gallery. After uploading five, I hit an error message when I tried to upload another one:
    You are allowed a maximum of 1048576 bytes of diskspace. If you would like to upload more images, please delete some of your older images and/or optimize your images using lower quality jpg settings before uploading.
    When I looked at all the images that showed up in the Gallery, some of them were from Challenges -- which I did NOT want to delete, but I wondered whether they were taking up some of the disk space that I was allotted for My Gallery images. (still with me? I'm getting to the important stuff soon! )

    I emailed a couple of questions to Doug and received the answer that helps me understand the Gallery and MY Gallery better. Doug's answer is below, but I'll give my understanding first.

    When I visit the Gallery WITHOUT clicking on "Last day" or "last 7 days" etc. and click on an image to view, I am taken to that member's Gallery. If they have not uploaded any images to the Gallery -- there are no images on that page; if they have uploaded images to the Gallery, then they are listed there. All of of those images together must fit within the disk space allowance. The images that we see FROM the Challenges (Restoration, Retouch, Photo Art, ... etc.) ONLY show up when we click on "See all of "member's name" photos. Those images are NOT in the Gallery, but they can be viewed there when we click that link. Those photos will not take up space allotted to each person in the Gallery.

    From our fearless leader: (Doug, that is... )

    "... When you click on "Click here to see all..." you are actually leaving the Member Gallery and simply viewing all photos, regardless of where they are.

    Think of My Gallery as a folder, all the various Challenge areas as different folders, and "Click here to see all..." as "View my images in all folders".

    Ideally (and as it will be again soon), only images in your Member Gallery "folder" will count towards your space alotment. Your images in any other "folder" will not."


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