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Why arent' the URLs on my Sig hypertext?

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  • Why arent' the URLs on my Sig hypertext?

    Why arent' the URLs on my Sig hypertext?

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    They need the url markers around them. Hard to show you directly, since the board will think what I'm typing is an url. Easiest way is to use the http:// button in a reply to frame them with the markers, copy, then cancel the reply and paste into your profile.

    The markers are left-bracket url rightbracket and ending the same except with a slash before the rightbracket.

    [ URL ] link [ /URL ] (without spaces)
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      Re: Ps

      Originally posted by fugitive
      Why arent' the URLs on my Sig hypertext?
      I was noticing that you still hadn't gotten your link to go hot. Try this:

      Copy this entire line and paste it into your sig line area in User CP. Then just place your cursor and backspace to remove the 2 little x's right after URL and see if that makes it go hot


      You can also generate the hot link by using the http:// button. It opens a dialog box. The first box lets you put in whatever text you want (like See Greg's Stuff Here or whatever) and the next one is to put the URL in (I just cut and paste).

      I stuck a screen shot on here so you could see what I was talking about.
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        Thank you Jac, I am not too good on some of the little things, like making my web page. I have 3 sites, none of them up because I just can't get it. I know I could make a good one but the context, the html, even the easy ones, elude me completely.

        We'll soon know if this worked. I couldn't find the box thingy, that would have been good.



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          If you click reply here to this note, you'll see the http:// box at the top of the reply window. The box thingy is what's circled in red at the top of the screen shot. It's a button that says


          When you click it, you'll see the box pop up like the one the arrow is pointing to

          Don't put your URL in that one, just type in whatever words you want everyone to see and click ok

          Then, another box that looks the same will pop up. Just paste your URL in it and click ok.

          Once you do that, you'll get the whole URL sequence in the reply box. Just highlight it, copy it, open another browser window and go to User CP, and just paste the whole code into your sig file.


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            Greg, I just had a thought. Tell me what you want the link to say, and I can post one with little x's in it just like the other one. All you'll have to do is cut it and paste it like you did already.


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              I feel dumb for not being able to find it, it must be there, tho some of the stuff Doug has here is fairly esoteric.
              I wanted to put fugitive's private gallery.


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                [URL= ]Fugitive's Private Gallery[/URLx]

                Ok, on this one just take out that last x.

                There's no place to generate that that's actually ON the User CP page, Greg. You have to make a fake post to a forum, generate it there, and then copy and paste it to the sig line you've opened in another browser window.

                Press the reply button to answer THIS post, look above the window and to the left. That's where the generator button is. Just to the right of where it says vB Code...


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