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  • Hunting the wild Mac user

    I was just going over the web access logs last night and noticed that fewer than 20% of the visitors to this site (the whole site, not just these forums) are Mac users. Since Mac users make up a sizable part of the image-editing community, this is a serious issue.

    I know we've had some navigation problems for some Mac users, but we've addressed what we could, plus there are many Mac users who report no problems, and the whole nav thing is only in the past couple of months anyway, so that couldn't explain why they pass on us.

    I've done nothing less (or more) to promote this site in the Mac-centric locales than those for Windows. So why don't we see more?

    Basically, what can we (we in this case being you and me) do to get more Mac users to visit? Or what can I do to make us more interesting to them?
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    As a MAC user, I've had no difficulty navigating this site. However, I cannot upload images.

    It could be a problem with my browser, Netscape Communicator 4.79. I've not tried uploading with Explorer.

    I'm not sure what might attract more MAC people.

    There are so few of us and we are perceived as being a strange lot!


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      Mac Users

      I have overcome the problems of navigating the site by using Netscape Communicator for the forums and Internet Explorer for the Members Gallery and the Challenges. It is a bit of a pain but you are worth it. Lets see, you say 20% of site visitors are on Macs, well I think we are about 6% of the PC marketshare so, you are getting 3x the marketshare which might account for the Mac Users being the visually orriented pc users. It sounds like you are doing OK in the Mac Dept. And lets face it, a Compaq or a Dell are personal computers, but a Macintosh is a tree-house with a rope swing! Gerry


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        I'm two-faced

        I use both mac (OSX-Jaguar) and pc. I haven't had a problem on either. It just all depends which computer I'm on when I get the urge to tool around for "tools" on retouchpro.


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