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  • Don't open that email!!!!!

    I just got a failed email notice from the retouchpro server. It claims I tried to send an EXE file to myself.

    It might just be a one-off instance, or a case where several people get emails originating from themselves, but if anyone gets an email from recommending they execute an enclosed file, don't do it!.

    I've never emailed an EXE file to any member, and don't plan to start.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Thanks for the warning!



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      thanks Doug. I've always been extremely cautious if I get an Exe file (or any other attachment) in my email, and so far I haven't got any viruses on my computer.

      - David


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        There seems to be an unusual amount of virus e-mails going around lately. Expecially the ones that worm their way into peoples e-mail addresses and go out using their names. I've been hit by several of them but luckily I didn't open any of them. Too many idiots out there with alot of time on their hands. Thanks for the warning anyway.


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          Thanks for passing that on Doug. That could be something I really don't want to see.



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            I received the same one twice a couple of monthes ago...
            the one that goes to your address book and sends itself out.

            It looked different both times.... I had been warned about the 1st coming by phone so was looking for it and destroyed it right off...

            the second was interesting ... had actually taken words from my nieces sent e-mails (was words from a college... why I wanna go there...letter ) and included them in the e mail

            anyhow the short of it is ... that one was common to "outlook express " and I learnt one way to keep from passing one on.... well that type anyhow... "MagistrB"

            in options for outlook express under "send" ... uncheck "send messages immediately"
            The trick to that is to get used to clicking ... send and receive afterwards.

            well there is another way if you find it in your mail... export your address book to another location... maybe a floppy.... (to import again once you're clean) ... then delete it inside of outlook express.


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