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    I had a private message, but it wasn't a new message (it had been there before but I hadn't noticed it, apparently) and it took me forever to find how to read it! There was no link to the user cp on the front page, and so I had to go into a thread, click on "send a private message" and then hop over to my private messages from that window. If I didn't run a vbulletin board myself, I probably never would have found it.

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    On the forum main page, at the bottom, is a section that says Private Messages. You just click on that to get to them... It also tells you if you have new ones waiting.

    Also, in User CP, you can go to edit options and enable a private message popup box that will notify you whenever you have a new PM waiting.


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      Must have been my browser then, because "Private Messages" wasn't a link. That was what I tried first. This wouldn't surprise me since every once in a while my browser goes screwy on links.

      I still think the user cp should be more accessable, though.


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        User CP is right at the bottom of the pop out menu bar on the left hand side of the screen. I think it only shows up when you are in the forums because it only relates to the forums and not the rest of the site (PMs are a function of the forums too).

        I'm not sure what you mean by more accessable than on the pop out menu. I'd say you'd have to check with Doug on that possibility.


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          Ah, I hadn't noticed that the popout menu had extra stuff in it. Just from a web design standpoint, navigation shouldn't be confusing, though. Every other vbulletin forum I've been to has the links to the user cp, etc at either the top or the bottom, and anyone used to that format will likely be a little lost. That's all.


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            (and that side menu doesn't work if you have javascript turned off)


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              OpalCat: I felt the same way when I came here a few weeks ago, but no one would listen, they all think it's perfect, but we know better, it's not friendly.
              Every day, I have to dodge that stupid flying menu to click on a subject.
              Thanks for stepping up.


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                I'm probably a little sensitive because I'm a professional web designer, so I'm sort of "tuned" to that sort of thing.


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                  As a relatively new RP addict, I can relate to your comments. I, too, have background in tech design / development / support, and as a result found myself stumbling, occasionally lost and/or unable to find what I was looking for because intuition (based on experience) wasn't applicable in some navigational instances.

                  We both know that once apps are designed and in place, it's near impossible to implement significant design changes w/o starting from scratch. As I understand it this application was developed by a 3rd party = even harder to rearchitect.

                  Given this reality, here's some good news (I think)...

                  * It didn't take me long to get the lay of the land and figure out where the nooks and crannies are. It was kind of like moving to a new town and discovering where the inconvenient 1-way streets are or how to get around the "no left turn after 3:00 pm" annoyances. It's just another day at the office for persistent folks like yourself.
                  * Given your background, I'm sure in no time you'll be negotiating this site like you designed it (but not this way! )
                  * As you read this post a "site map" is being developed that will hopefully make it considerably easier for new folks (and existing members) to find their way around. It's almost ready for prime time; should be posted in the next week or so (just a guess).


                  In all fairness, I want to go on record as saying "From an architectural perspective I it is my opinion this site is not perfect." (LOL)

                  I'm sure if it was easy (and cheap) to fix some of the common annoyances, they would have been addressed a long time ago. What sometimes "looks" easy to fix, often isn't.

                  From a content and usefulness perspective, I've never found a better site. To me the glass is more than half full.


                  Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a little frustrated at the outset. Sounds like I'm in pretty good company.

                  "If we focus on the donut, and not the hole, fewer Tums we will need!"


                  Last edited by DannyRaphael; 06-18-2002, 03:53 PM.


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                    I agree, Danny.

                    It's not that no one is listening. It's that changing things now would be similar to wrestling with a 100-armed octopus....

                    It took me less than 3 days to learn my way around here. Now, it seems like second nature.

                    And, if you've checked out the link at the bottom of my posts, you know we're all happy to help you look for something and/or answer questions.

                    I may be biased, but having "friendly tour guides" at your disposal nearly 24-7 would seem to make up for the minor design problems...


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                      I'd be willing to change the template to show those links somewhere.... changing templates is very simple in vb. All I'd need is a text file of the current relevant template.


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                        You can't please everyone
                        Learn by teaching
                        Take responsibility for learning


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                          Of course, if things changed now, all of those who are used to it and know their way around would be wandering around lost...

                          I think Doug's right - no matter what was done or not done, there'd be someone who would prefer it to be different...


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                            LOL well I wasn't saying to get rid of the existing stuff, just maybe add a few links at the bottom of the page somewhere.


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                              Hey! Maybe it could be a new challenge... Like a 3-legged race... Or the one where you run with an egg on a spoon... Or an obstacle course even!

                              Who can figure out how to get to User CP fastest....!?

                              We could "tie" a little red ribbon on it for the winner to grab as a trophy.


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