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    Originally posted by Doug Nelson
    You can't please everyone

    I go to another site with the same basic format as this, but since it doesn't have the flying menu, it's much easier to navigate. The site is Wet Canvas.
    Counldn't you at least slow it down. I atually have to race it to click things, and is not right, unless it's only my browser.


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      What browser are you using Greg? I've viewed this site with Interent Explorer 5.5, Opera 6.x, Navigator 6.x, Communicator 4.x...and it worked fine with them all. Communicator was the only one that occasionally had problems but it's a pretty crummy browser IMHO.


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        I'm wondering if it could't be a browser problem too, Greg.

        I have never had to chase mine. I slide my cursor over to the left side of the screen, and the menu pops out and stays out for as long as I need it while my cursor is hovering over it. Then, when I'm done, I bring my cursor back toward the center of the screen and it slides back into its "drawer."

        It never slides out accidentally, only when I hover my cursor over the gray bar. When I take my cursor off of the menu area, it disappears again.

        The popout menu is one of the things I like best about the site. I think it's pretty slick. It's there when I want it, and when I don't it's not cluttering up my screen and taking up a lot of space that can be filled with more important content.

        I'd be really disappointed if it were changed.


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          I am a professional web designer as well (isn't it funny how little that means these days?) Anyway, I think this is a great site considering that it is done in people's spare time (I think--- am I right about that?) It is well maintained and fairly user friendly. The thing is, in the world of web design, people complain about EVERYTHING. Like Doug says, you can't please everyone. If he were to have everyone that wanted a feature going in and editing this site, then it would be total chaos.

          People will bitch because of color, size, javascript, contrast, font - anything you can think of. The thing is that people can do all kinds of weird stuff to their browsers, increasing font size, etc. that will screw up even the best web design and programming. All you can do is program/design to reach the widest audience possible, and change things as they come up if you feel they are worth changing, but no matter what you do, someone won't be able to figure it out or have it work correctly. That is where you have to look at your audience and figure in what percentage are you really loosing vs. how much time it will take to reprogram for that one person.

          There are millions of variables.

          I say this with a smile, so don't take it the wrong way, I can just relate to people complaining about every little thing. I have expressed some concerns as well, but I don't expect anything to be done about them, just because I know they can't please everyone.


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            I'm *not* a web designer (surprise!) But I was a member before we had all the goodies. I think Doug has done a teriffic job! This site is *much* better than the old one. Is it perfect? Probably not, but it floats my boat! Danny mentioned the new site map. If it's anything like what I expect, it is excellent. Be patient!



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              I'll just throw in my 2 cents regarding the flyout menu. I use the most recent version of IE and my screen resolution is at 800 x 600.

              I have not had the problems with having to chase anything but I am not able to view all of the links on the "forum section" of the flyout menu. If I hit f11 then I gain more screen real estate and I see the entire menu. I am pretty sure the F11 trick only works with IE. Hitting this key removes the address bar, links bar, and one other bar that runs along the top of my browser.

              If f11 is not selected I can not see anything below the link that says search. It took me awhile to even realize that there were other links below, one of them being "user CP"

              Once I get used to it, it's not a big deal, but newer members may experience the same problem.



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                I'm not into Web Design (yet) but I have never had a problem with navigating this site or the flyout menu. Of all the forums that I visit this is my favorite.


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                  Thanks for the tip on the F-11 key. I didn't need it to see the menu, but I'm using a higher resolution. That tip might come in handy for something else though.



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                    I had the same problem until I increased my screen resolution, then everything was easily visible. Changing my screen resolution made everything look microscopic though, so I changed the text viewing size in my browser to compensate. I think that's probably because a lot of people working with graphics have their screen res settings high.

                    I'll bet that Doug's computer settings while he was building the site affected the menu placement for people not using the same res settings.


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                      It's natural for new folks (designers or not) to expect this site to BE a certain way, but all it takes is a little bit of time to learn the way it IS. I'm so happy with the recent improvements (including the flyout menu) that it's really hard for me to imagine how any newbie would have trouble finding anything, but it's bound to happen. As for any specifics problems with the flyout menu, during past discussions, it seemed to be individual browsers that were less compatible with the menu rather than any problem that needed to be fixed.

                      I'm sure that Doug will make future changes, either to fix something or just to make a change because he's bored with something, but at the present, it doesn't give me any problems that need fixing. It's always good to have feedback from new folks who see things from a fresh perspective, so keep critiqueing -- it will give "janitor" Doug a nice list of things to think about at 3AM.


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                        I should clarify... I don't have a problem with the menu on the side. It's fine exactly as it is (except that since it's the only real navigation, anyone without javascript turned on is sort of SOL). I was simply saying that a simple set of links across the bottom might be a good addition.


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                          Originally posted by G. Couch
                          What browser are you using Greg? I've viewed this site with Interent Explorer 5.5, Opera 6.x, Navigator 6.x, Communicator 4.x...and it worked fine with them all. Communicator was the only one that occasionally had problems but it's a pretty crummy browser IMHO.
                          I use Opera 5.02, I have NN4.7, and IE but don't like them much.



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                            Maybe the Java is the problem. I don't think I have it in my Opera 5.02.


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                              Greg - I was able to reproduce your problem! I used Opera 6.x and it displays RetouchPro just fine....until I change the monitor resolution to 800x600. The window for Opera is then so small that the menu does not fully fit. You have to scroll down really fast to be able to use the bottom options. You can try running Opera at full screen or increase your monitor resolution...


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