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    I was wondering how the forum New Posts is set up. Seems like when I return to find a thread the function will bring up a whole different batch of posts. I have been saving the links to find threads as they do not stick in one place it seems? Posting activity does not appear to be the issue, as the trailing pages are about the same.
    Last edited by Mining Art; 12-30-2007, 09:27 PM. Reason: new posts function not search function

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    Re: Forum Search Function

    Assuming you are talking about the Quick Links > Today's posts function to my knowledge query results are based on a snapshot of threads added/updated in the past "24 hours."

    So results you get "now" will most likely be different than the results you would get an hour or two from now. Oldest threads will drop off the end; newer threads will show up at the top.

    Does this help or did I miss the boat (again)? (Wouldn't be the first time. )


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      Re: Forum Search Function

      Thanks Danny, I thought it should work that way, but I do not think it is. Posts leave the first page without moving to the next pages maybe. I only mention this because upon returning to the forum, after less than an hour or so, to revisit a thread it is usually gone. I have been making copies of the links to post so I can find them again, which is a bit awkward. This is the 'New Posts' Menu option, not the search as I mis-titled the post. Perhaps if new posts were allowed to be returned by the 'New Posts' function for a longer period the forum would be easier to engage in. Thanks


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        Re: Forum Search Function

        If you have read a "New Post" it is considered "marked" and no loger appears in _your_ list of new posts. Each user's markers are probably maintained on the server so when you leave and come back your new posts are different. I too make copies of links I want to come back to.


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          Re: Forum Search Function

          Mining Art, perhaps the "Quick Links -> Today's Posts" would work better for you? You can also "subscribe" to the thread by clicking on "Thread Tools" so you'll receive updates on new posts and can always look in your User CP list of subscribed threads to find it if you forget where it is.


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            Re: Forum Search Function

            Thanks for the help everyone. I did not understand that New Posts were just those new to me, so now the disappearing posts seems a bit comical, :-), in that after I looked at them they were gone. I will try the quick links for awhile to see how it goes.


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              Re: Forum Search Function

              Yes, "New Posts" are no longer "new" once you've read them. It sounds like subscriptions is more like what you're looking for, it's like of like your "favorites", with the option to email you when someone posts to that thread. You could also use any of the different bookmarking methods listed under the LinkBacks menu (assuming you use any of the listed services).
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