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How do you get a cool little personal icon?

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  • How do you get a cool little personal icon?

    OK, I give up trying to figure it out. How do you get a cool little personal icon that flashes when you post a thread.

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    Go to the "User CP" from the slide out menu. Click on "Options". At the bottom of the page, click on "Avatar". You can figure out the rest.



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      You can also find out more on the picture icons known as avatars in the FAQs. Click here to go directly to the section on avatars.



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        There's a whole thread about animated ones HERE.

        You might also check out the newbie tips link in my sig line for any other bits and pieces of info you may find helpful...


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          I knew you guys would be helpful as usual. Thanks G


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            I guess this means we'll be seeing a new avatar under your name soon?


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              Actually, I think you have to buy cool flashing icons from rondon!


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                Rondons Cool Flashing Icons

                Yes, that's what I want. G


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