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  • Can't do this, that don't work

    A few days ago, I tried to create a mini-tut for painting.
    All I needed was one text block with 3 attached pictures.
    Can't be done here.

    Now, today, I get a message that my in box is full, so I rush right over, and what do I find? Nothing, no message, no nothin. It was supposed to have been from Danny. A week or so ago, I got one that said Sharon or someone had PM'ed me, so I cleaned out the box and nothing. Another message lost in the cyber toilet.
    Also the various places, like my own threads don't get updated properly. I have to wait til I get there, then refresh to get the latest posts. Somethings amiss.

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    Just a shot in the dark, but did you empty everything ? You know, "sent items", "tracking" or whatever it's called?



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      I think so, no messages were visible. BTW, I had to update this thread after I got here from new posts, to see your post. Shouldn't that have happened by fact that it was in new posts?


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        If you clicked on "view new posts" or whatever it's called, it should show up. If you just used the "Back" button after viewing another thread, it wouldn't show up. There does seem to be some type of problem with the new postings, because sometimes a post shows up as new, when it is actually a month or so old. I've been using "Last 24 hours" in the slide out menu lately. It seems to work better for me, but time will tell.



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          PM full


          The PM function has 2 folders...

          "In box" -- which you see when you open the PM window...

          and "Sent Messages" which requires you to make a selection from the "Jump to Folder" menu before the contents are displayed.

          You'll probably find a whole bunch of PMs you've sent previously there.

          = = = = = = = = = = =
          RE: Not seeing posts / updates right away.

          Refresh my memory. Which browser are you using? I think you told me once it's not Internet Explorer.



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            Opera 5, but I've been using it for a long time, and it worked fine before. I know it has some limitations. My vs. doesn't have Java, I hate Java. Hope it dies.
            I'll ck the mail.


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              Worked fine before... As in, before the recent change to the new forum/gallery? (There may have been some underlying software changes during that transistion.)

              I'm trying to narrow down "what changed" between when it worked and when it stopped working.


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