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  • Missing scroll bar?

    My scroll bar, normally on the right side of my window, has "disappeared" today when I visit RetouchPro sites. The scroll bar is in view on other websites, and works normally. In RetouchPro, I have to view in full-screen mode to have a scroll bar. (This is do-able, but restricts my access to my other windows, etc.)

    Any ideas/fixes? Anyone else having/had this problem? I run a PC; I'm aware that Macs have some problems on the site, but I've never encountered any before. I adjusted my vertical on my monitor, but there's still no scroll bar...
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    Your's is the second complaint, so don't go feeling all weird or anything.

    I was all happy that the navbar author released a new version, hoping it would fix the old complaints. So I installed it earlier today. It may or may not have fixed some problems, but it appears to have introduced some new ones.

    Be patient, I'll work tonight and tomorrow to try to find a solution to this (hopefully one that doesn't require redesigning the whole site to make room for static links on every page).

    By the way, is it like that on the entire site, or just the forums?
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      Doug, for me -- it's on the whole site (except those pages that link to outside sites like Amazon, etc.)

      Now don't go losing any sleep over this (any EXTRA sleep, anyway) -- using the F11 full-screen mode does work for me, and probably works for the other poor soul afflicted... A fix will be great, but no need for an instant fix.


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        Thanks for your understanding.

        Also, any information you (or anyone else having problems) could provide would be helpful. OS, browser type and version, etc. Have you tried other browsers? Newer browsers? Etc.

        I might as well ask here if there are any Mac users reading this that have noticed the old problems have been fixed (since that's what I was trying to repair by upgrading).
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          I had the exact same problem today on my Mac with IE browser. I restarted IE and it was fine again. I often have problems with IE...Microsoft products generally suck, I have found. Which is why I would never use Windows!



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            Originally posted by Doug Nelson

            I might as well ask here if there are any Mac users reading this that have noticed the old problems have been fixed (since that's what I was trying to repair by upgrading).
            Hi Doug, yes the problem with not being able to access links on the furtherest left 2 inches of the screen seems to have cleared up - way to go

            I look forward to being able to click on links without having to drag windows around and resize them. Thanks!!



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              So I've basically traded alienating one set of users for alienating a different set of users

              But I'm glad the old problems are gone. Now, onto the new problems (this is why I have my particular avatar)
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                I don't have a problem, but a possible workaround for CJ could be to use the arrow keys. I found by accident that they worked on a site which removed my scrollbar.


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                  I've done a bit of research, and have a couple of questions for the scrollbar deficient:

                  Are you viewing with your browser maximized?
                  If you resize your browser window, do the scrollbars reappear?

                  Both of these are known bugs in the Win version of IE
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                    I use IE5.00, browser maximized, resizing does NOT create scroll bar, although scroll bar does appear when I go to Full Screen mode using F11.

                    All other websites I have visited today have been normal, and all other windows contain scroll bar -- except RetouchPro.

                    Al -- my arrows don't work when scroll bar is missing, but function key F11 gives me back the scroll bar -- at expense of my bottom toolbar.

                    Hmmm, either I just noticed this, or it just started doing this --- the scroll bar is there on the page that flutters in between the main forum page and the list of new threads (or last 24 hours) -- but then it disappears again when the new page with the list appears.
                    Last edited by CJ Swartz; 09-01-2002, 05:30 AM.


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                      CJ, I've got the same problem. I found that by holding both mouse buttons down and dragging the cursor up and down it will scroll...kinda....Funny thing is my Laptop and the Computer upstairs dont display any problem...the scroll bar is there and working. I'm using IE 5 with all kinds of updates/patches installed. O/S Win98 SE. Tom


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                        No problems here. Win98 and IE 5.5.



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                          by holding both mouse buttons down and dragging the cursor up and down it will scroll...kinda -- Tom
                          Tom -- that works for me too! (kinda) -- very inventive! THANKS for sharing!

                          Doug -- I've found that the scroll bar is PRESENT when I view the IMAGE in the OLD Challenges -- it does NOT show when I view the Challenge description page, but when I click on the image to get the enlarged view -- voila! the scroll bar is there also. The bar is NOT visible when I visit the NEW Challenge pages -- even when I view the enlarged image -- although it "appears" to be visible as the screen refreshes (not sure if that's correct term -- when the page is changing from one window view to another - there's a "stutter" or flicker of the page) -- it looks like the bar might be there for that second or two. Hope this helps a bit.


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                            Perhaps some brave soul who is having problems would be willing to upgrade to the newest version of the browser and report if any improvement is made?

                            Additionally, I'm reading that cacheing portions of a page can cause problems like this. This site includes code that disables cacheing for just that reason, but you might be overriding that in your browser setup. Check and see what your cache setting is at. Mine is set to "automatic", which I recommend (under Tools>Internet Options>General (tab)>Temporary Internet Files>Settings).

                            Also, are there any NON-IE users having these new problems? And, of the IE users, any non-Windows users?
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                              Opera and Mozilla OK Doug.


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