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  • Text size changes

    Doug, you were dealing with the text size issue last night, but now I can't change the text size either direction from a rather smallish medium size type. Have you forced a certain type size in the forum area?

    If so, is it possible to allow for at least two sizes - regular and LARGE for the presbyopic? (those are prescription shades)

    Anyone else want to see BIGGER?

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    This is OK for me. I'm actually viewing this forum without my glasses.


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      Without my glasses, I can read -- RetouchPRO.

      With my glasses, I can read the current size type, at least today. But some days are different than others, and somedays I enlarge type.

      Doug, I just discovered that now the Font Size commands in our posts won't work -- I tried to show an example of two different sizes and they all read the same size on the screen -- overridden, I guess, by the text size change you added?

      I can live with the changed type size, but if there's a way to allow for EXCLAMATORY type changes, it'd be nice .

      Oh, good -- we still have color!
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        CJ - They seem to be working for me.

        huge bold


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          Works for me too.


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            Ok, Doug -- c'mon, admit it -- you changed it?! Or am I just going crackers?


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              I converted the forum font over to the same style used on the rest of the site. This should be the exact font and size used for tutorials, Challenges (pre-Gallery), etc.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Looks pretty scrawny to me too....

                I feel like Mr. Magoo...


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                  I must say I prefer sans serif fonts on web sites, so I like this change. It's much more legible to me.


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                    I concur with Al its a great improvement at this end.


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                      It's much more legible to me.

                      Just wait till you're 40-something!

                      (from an almost-60 something)
                      Last edited by CJ Swartz; 09-09-2002, 01:18 AM.


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                        Just wait till you're 40-something!
                        CJ, from an almost 50-something

                        I'm already at the stage where I have specs for
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