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    Whats the opinion of members as regards rating of work on Retouch ? I think its superfluous and demeaning in some ways, let the criticism/acclaim be in the response posts. Thoughts ?

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    There was a discussion a while back HERE that touched on rating. At that time, I thought it was a good idea. But my opinion has changed somewhere along the way.

    I think receiving a rating (especially from a moderator) might have the potential to possibly hurt someone's feelings or make the challenges seem like a contest, so I just don't do it.
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      Sometimes, I think I'd give something a five to show how much I like it, but I agree with Chris & Jak: comments are far more useful.

      Imagine how someone would feel if you gave them 0...


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        Originally posted by Jakaleena
        There was a discussion a while back HERE that touched on rating. At that time, I thought it was a good idea. But my opinion has changed somewhere along the way.

        I think receiving a rating (especially from a moderator) might have the potential to possibly hurt someone's feelings or make the challenges seem like a contest, so I just don't do it.
        A rating can be bad or good, it all depends on the person that is doing the rating, are they rating the design layout itself or are they rating image quality? In rating an image the design layout should be the last thing on the critiques mind. The image quality is what should be looked at and if there are discrepincies found, there should be positive suggestions as how one might improve on the quality of the image.

        A problem that arises is that when there is an open critque and rating, you are getting opionions from some people that do not understand how to critque or rate images in a suggestive possitive way. If one points out a problem with an image one must also have a suggestion as to what could of been done to have made the image possibly better. Design concept and layout should not be involved in the critique unless that is what the image is being critiqued for.

        When a person submits a piece of work for opinions they must be prepared for the worst and learn not to take every critique too seriously but take all citiques with an open mind and use the critique as a basis of what they may do in future projects to improve upon the work.

        I believe that we're all here to learn and fine tune our tallents and if we can not except a bad review we shouldn't be subjecting ourselves openly by submitting our works to the critiquing public.


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          Ditto what BigAl said.


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            I am led to thinking that maybe rating would be good in the contests, but not in the Gallery. The way I see it, the gallery is kind of a display area rather than a crituque area...that is just how it all reads to me.


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              hehe Chiq. there are no "contests" on RetouchPro only a challenges section and a gallery. I know what you mean though

              I dont like the stars, but have no strong opinions either way. I choose not to rate, but I realise that somepeople might want to have their pictures rated.


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                I"m not happy with ratings, either, but it's not optional in the current version of the software. The author has indicated he will make it optional in a future version. Once he does, I'll be turning that feature off.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Since I could never bring myself to rate someone below 4 stars anyway, I only used them if I thought they would encourage the person. I haven't been using them much lately either way. It just seemed like a personal attack if I used a rating that fell below great. Now rating threads is ok but these images people work hard on and not everyone is a Norman Rockwell but they try their best. I can't penalize someone for trying their best. So I agree with Chris.


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                    One problem I see with rating, is that we are not all on the same skill level. A rank beginner might rate a 5 star rating on a particular image, not because the quality is outstanding, but because it is something outstanding for the individual. A sixth grader will not be graded using the same criteria as for a college student. Of course, most of us don't know where skill levels of others are. I have given ratings, mostly because I felt it was very well done, no matter what skill level the person was at. And if this doesn't make sense (which it might not), I see drawbacks to using the rating system too. Comments are definitely the best way to go, especially if there's help provided on how to make things better/easier.



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                      I just woke up and realised that you can rate threads also. I personally think thats a bigger minefield than gallery rating.


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                        I'm like DJ.., I usually only give a rating when I really like something as a means of encouragement. I guess that sort of defeats the whole rating idea but I can't bring myself to give 1 or 2 stars. If I think something is bad or needs work I would just write that in the description rather than just slap a star rating on it.

                        Chris - I'm resisting the obvious urge to rate this thread!


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                          I am in agreement with all of you, and am glad to hear that Doug will discontinue ratings as soon as it becomes possible. Like DJ and others, I only rate at 4 or 5 stars when someone deserves special applause. Most folks feel the same way, so why bother with those silly stars? The comments are what matter, the suggestions, the tips, and praise of SPECIFIC aspects of a submission--much more meaningful and useful that a general numerical rating anyway.



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                            Mike - okay okay, challenges - that is what I meant - I think I posted that at about 4 am so you have to add that to the translation.


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                              OK, time for a new member's opinion. I agree, the ratings are superfluous. The first things I began, and continue, to look for are the comments by viewers. I am learning like everyone else. The techniques and opinions I receive are far more useful than a handful of stars. The critiques and laughter are even more of a thrill. I could not even tell you which, if any, of my imges received any stars. I would hope that most contributors are like me. I want judgements explained so I can improve.


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