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  • Wrong time on posts?

    Has anyone else noticed that when you check the "Last 24 hours" or "View new posts", quite often the times of the posts are not correct? I'm not talking about people responding to polls, but actually postings. I see what appears to be a new post, only to find out that the last post on a thread was some time ago. It seems to me that there is an increase in the problem lately. But maybe it's just me.


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    I've always had that happen Ed. Nearly every time I log on, I have to refresh the page. Often when I go from page to page too. Most times I can't get new posts from the top, I have to go to the menu choice and always have to refresh to get the latest posts.


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      Check your browser cache settings. I use IE6, with cache setting of 'automatic' and it seems to be working ok. The post times are set by the server, so it has nothing to do with any one local machine. Also check your cookie settings, since that's how the forum knows the last time you posted, checked for new posts, etc.
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