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    Doug, as there are quite a few duplicate requests for info, is there any chance of getting the author of the BB s/w to include a phrase search capability? ANDing doesn't work all that well.

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    Putting your search in quotes can help, but there's a restriction that no search term can be less than 4 letters. That's not a limitation of the software, it's user settable, but each increment creates an exponential increase in serverload.

    Searches are not realtime (ie: it doesn't actually search every message each time), rather it creates a running index which is what actually gets searched. Currently the index does not include words less than 4 characters. Knowing this can help finetune your search.
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      Putting your search in quotes can help
      Unfortunately, it seems to ignore the quotes as can be seen from the results of this particular search on "paint shop"


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        When I search for "paint shop" in quotes, it shows the post you just made
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          You wouldn't believe the number of times I've tried to figure out a way to get around the 4 letter limitation. EFT filters were one of the ones I really had trouble searching for. I couldn't get it to recognize anything past the EFT for an error either. It can get frustrating sometimes.


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