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Have you seen the "O" in RetouchPRO?

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  • Have you seen the "O" in RetouchPRO?

    It's the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations are being put up all over the USA -- including, it appears, at RetouchPRO. The "O" at the top of each page now bears a wreath, red ribbon and bow, and an elf. (I'm mentioning this just to make sure this is Doug's intention, and that we haven't been visited by website redecorating gremlins...)

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    There's nothing like that on MY screen. I wish there were.


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      There's nothing like that on MY screen. I wish there were.
      Really! What browser do you use? (Just wondering if the gremlins are in MY computer -- if they are, and since you'd like them - I'd be glad to share.)


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        I just went to your post, CJ, about the virtual cat and got the same gibberish that Ed got. Downloading and installing the newest Flash plugin has now given me the aforementioned decoration. I post this for those who do not yet see it, in the hope that all may enjoy the beauty of a Flash wreath (as well as the virtual cat, which I have yet to see!)


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          Blacknight -- Thank you for the update -- I had no idea that the elfish addition to the "O" was a Flash program, and I'm glad to find out that I'm not the only one to be seeing "little people".


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            You're not alone CJ I noticed it this morning, but never got around to mentioning it. Very festive for the holidays.


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              CJ, yup you're not the only one seeing it I just noticed it a couple minutes ago. nice little touch for christmas, I like it!!

              Phil - the logo is a gif, it's not flash so I'm guessing that when you installed the new flash player it probably cleared your browser's cache which is why you'd see the new image now.

              - David