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    Attaching Pics to messages

    Be sure to mention somewhere appropriate that when you preview a message that has a pic attached the pic disappears from the post. I don't know how many times I keep seeing that happen with new people. Some figure it out, while others may get frustrated and leave, and we wouldn't want THAT.


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      How do I get email notification from images that are uploaded to the gallery?


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        Are you asking, or suggesting a FAQ?

        If you're asking, it's "click on 'Receive Email Updates' under any image".

        If you're suggesting, thanks
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          Any tips for searching this site?

          How long does a challenge stay active?

          Are the fund raisers on a specific cycle?

          If no one responds to my post ... what should I do? Should I; post in a different area, go away, post again, add a comment to my original post to make it a recent post so it will show up in new posts ... ?

          Is there an option to get more posts in a thread per page?

          If I start a thread and the moderator changes the forum that it is in, how do I find it?

          I have noticed other forums that appear to use the same software have a quick reply option, does this site have that and I don't have the option turned on?

          There is a lot on this site. Is there a site map with descriptions easily found from the menu?

          If someone responds to a post in a way I think is inapropriate do I respond back nicely or report to a moderator?

          How do I enter a link to another thread in a post?

          When so much can be learned as a group with an open forum, when is it apropriate to use private messages?

          I have a slow dial up connection, is there anything I can do to optimize my experience here?

          I want to print a thread, is there a way to just print the text from all the pages, or other custimized control of what will print?

          Adding to this list of questions is an idea. On the DPreview site in each review is a grey scale for self-testing that the monitor used to view photos on the site is not way off ... It reminds me of the logo on this site - maybe it could be modified to officially double as a monitor test. Since this site shows images, it would be a real plus for people that are new to know that there monitor / monitor profile is either good or needs help. It would be a neat twist to have a logo for a quality site used to assure a quality experience.



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            Hello Doug,

            That was one for the FAQ - the reason being that the upload image has a recieve email updates Yes/No option but it doesn't work. So you have to click on the email link under the picture. Just thought that a newbie might be confused - I certainly was



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              A couple to consider:

              Does your site have a "site map"? If so, where is it?

              What menu choice to I use to change my profile?

              I've seen some of the images others have submitted. They're so good. How can I possibly compete with those?


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                Is there a membership fee? (Gives an opportunity to tell about the donations through Amazon, frequent donation drives from members and where to donate on their own.

                How do I make sure RP gets the credit from my purchace?

                I see Roger suggested something along the donation line already.

                Also, can I link my site to RP or put RP's link on my site? (for those that have thier own websites)

                Maybe add a question concerning the reivews and links area so they will know how to add their favorites or write a reivew of something they liked. That might encourage more use of that feature by memebers.

                Are there any Limitations on the site content and forum language?

                After all the great suggestions everyone came up with, mine are kind of grasping at straws to come up with something. Hope they aren't too lame.


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                  Here is a question that I really have ...

                  The menu choices of Links and Resources seem to duplicate each other in there intent, I find it a little confusing ... are they different? Or is one the old system that is being deleted in the near future?


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                    They are different links. If you're showing them as the same, you have some local situation going on.

                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Sorry Doug, they are different links for me also, but to some extent they seem to serve the same purpose. Do they, are am I missing something? I am sure you have the differences nailed, but to the casual surfer duplication of purpose is confusing.


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                        At one point I'd imagined a vast array of original resources, but so far we only have two. So I padded it with some links. But yes, the links part of it is largely redundant.
                        Learn by teaching
                        Take responsibility for learning


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